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Are you ready for something more in your professional life? Are you looking for a larger, more global view of education? As a teacher, do you feel you have more to offer, and more to learn? If yes, Project Overseas (PO) might be for you!

CTF seeks English and French-speaking Canadian teachers at the elementary and secondary levels who are interested in volunteering to co-facilitate PD workshops overseas. The program requires participants to begin preparations in February for a 3–5 week commitment in July/August, working with teachers in a wide range of subjects in countries throughout Africa and the Caribbean. Many current projects include, but are not limited to, literacy acquisition, gender equality, special education and peace education, as well as the core subject areas of English, Math, Science and Social Studies, within a child-centred methodology.

Application criteria requires you to:

  • be a member of a provincial or territorial teacher organization that supports PO,
  • hold a valid teachers’ certificate,
  • have completed at least five full years of teaching in Canada,
  • be a Canadian citizen,
  • be in excellent health and able to work in developing country conditions,
  • show evidence of flexibility, mature judgment, skills and a strong willingness to put the team and project needs above personal needs.

PO is a volunteer experience. Administrative, travel, and living expenses are borne by CTF and provincial and territorial teacher organizations that are CTF members. No salaries or honoraria are paid to participants in PO, sponsors do not cover costs associated with substitute teachers or release time, and no family or friends are permitted during pre-departure orientation or overseas programs.

Applications must be completed in early fall for the following July program.

Please contact your provincial or territorial teacher organization for deadlines and additional requirements.