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Over 50 Canadian teachers heading overseas to work with counterparts in support of public education

June 29, 2016

Ottawa – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) will be sending 54 teachers to 11 African and Caribbean countries to work with teacher colleagues in those countries as part of its Project Overseas (PO) program which marks its 55th anniversary this summer.

CTF calls on Prime Minister Trudeau to address human rights violations in Mexico

June 24, 2016

Ahead of the North American Leaders’ Summit, the CTF has written to Prime Minister Trudeau asking that he address human rights violations characterized by violent suppression of legitimate protest by encouraging dialogue at the national and local levels so that the voice of teachers is heard and listened to.

Pan-Canadian teacher survey shows need for quality resources to infuse Aboriginal perspectives in education

June 21, 2016

OTTAWA – A pan-Canadian survey of nearly 1,900 teachers reveals a high need for quality information and education resources on Aboriginal language and culture in elementary and secondary classrooms across the country. The majority of all teachers surveyed report three of four examined resources in their school pertaining to the integration of Aboriginal content and perspectives into the curriculum are either barely sufficient or insufficient.

Canadian researcher safely released from Ugandan prison after false allegations made by Bridge International Academies Ltd.

June 07, 2016

OTTAWA–The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is appalled a Canadian researcher was arrested and questioned by Ugandan police over two days because of false accusations made by an edu-business operating in that country.

A new tool to help eradicate homophobia in schools

May 17, 2016

OTTAWA – On this International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is proud to release a new resource guide entitled Sexual and Gender Minorities in Canadian Education and Society 1969-2013 – A National Handbook for K-12 Educators.


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