A strong publicly funded public education system, rooted in the principles of universality, equity, responsiveness and accountability, is essential to sustaining and promoting our democratic society working for the good of all.

Therefore, we,
the teachers of Canada,



  • that the best interests of all children and youth must guide each decision that society and its institutions make on their behalf.
  • that the development of educational policy should be founded on the belief that public education is a public good for the whole of society.
  • that Canada must honour its commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to make the well-being of children this nation’s highest priority.
  • that a responsible, knowledgeable, committed teaching profession is essential to the provision of quality public education.
  • that teachers must have sufficient autonomy to apply their professional judgement.
  • that quality schools are well supported with public resources.
  • that the conditions under which teaching and learning take place have a direct impact on what teachers and students can achieve together.
  • that the goals society sets for students and schools must be challenging and attainable.
  • that there are many forms of success for schools and students, including personal, social, academic, cultural and vocational success. Varied approaches are required to evaluate the extent to which schools and students achieve success.
  • that the school curriculum is designed to prepare students to become caring, responsible and active citizens.
  • that schools must be governed by people who are elected by and accountable to the public.
  • that change in schools is natural and healthy provided it is based on sound research and reasoning and in consultation with teachers.
  • that lifelong learning is a right for all citizens and that programs developed should be universal, accessible and adequately funded.