90 years of building Canada through education 

As we conclude our 90th anniversary celebrations, we reflect upon the dream of that inspired group of educators who came together in 1920 to form the nucleus of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation. Thanks to the shared vision and conviction of teacher leaders over the past nine decades, the CTF has served to give the teaching profession strength and profile on the national and international stages. That, in turn, has fostered mechanisms that have channeled progressive thought and action toward growth in the Canadian public education system that has worked successfully.

Let us celebrate our solidarity. Let us be proud of our collective ability to positively address the challenges faced by the teaching profession. Let us praise our ability to foresee and share trends and developments in education. Above all, let’s celebrate our ability to adjust to evolving times and the needs of Canadian children.

When our founders met in that small lumber room in Winnipeg, little did they realize that they would be “Building Canada through education!” I wish to salute them for their vision and conviction! I wish to salute YOU for sharing their commitment to public education.

Together, we are the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.