Teacher Organizations: Charting the course for democracy 

Greetings from the Canadian Teachers’ Federation

The last year has been very difficult for teachers in Canada and throughout the world. The financial crisis has impacted public education as governments of all stripes try to balance the books with what can only be characterized as an attack on the democratic principles that have made Canada a great nation. Teachers, however, have shown the way forward. Through the successes of Canadian students on international measures, they have shown that our future in this global knowledge economy remains assured because it rests in the hands of public education and the practitioners who are the experts in teaching and learning.

CTF, through its research and advocacy, supports Member organizations and teachers and positions the profession on the leading edge of education reform and economic recovery. It is our shared vision for public education and our collective solidarity which will help us win the day. The 2012 AGM is about charting the course of public education and it is a call to arms for all teacher organizations. Our advocacy for children and for the systems, which has put Canadian public education in the forefront of progressive systems the world over, will ensure a prosperous future for the country and for future generations.

We are truly grateful to the Nova Scotia Teachers Union for hosting the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation. We look forward to welcoming you to Halifax where the teacher voice will inform the vision and the actions which make the CTF and its Member organisations world leaders in the fight to ensure a progressive public education system.

Paul Taillefer, CTF President

President's Speech AGM 2012