CFORP wins the Canadian Teachers’ Federation Public Education Advocacy Award


By Kate Hawkins

The centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques (CFORP) recently celebrated the anniversary of its founding as it does every year— with cake.

Because it was the 40th anniversary this year, the occasion was even more celebratory. CFORP also honoured the date with a cross-Canada prize draw, an album of memories (PDF) detailing the history of its work and the establishment of a new award to honour educational innovators.

Gilles Leroux, the Executive Director and Secretary-Treasurer of CFORP, said that he is proud to continue to provide “services and resources that support education development across Canada.”

The anniversary was followed shortly by the news that the organization had won the Canadian Teachers’ Federation’s Public Education Advocacy Award, an annual award given to an organization that shows tremendous commitment to public education.

‟It is a great honour for us to receive this award, especially considering it comes from such a well-known national organization… it also celebrates 40 years of continuous efforts to promote French-language public education and gives us another excellent reason to keep going, and to try to improve even more,” said Leroux.

The organization, which was founded by the Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO) on Jan. 7, 1974, aims to promote French language education through its program developments, agreement negotiations and partnership building, as well as its product and service delivery.

Each year CFORP supports schools, school boards and French language associations through in-kind or financial assistance, and its developments have included projects as large-scale and varied as the publication of French magazines at various reading levels, to the establishment of the Librairie du Centre, a Francophone bookstore with locations in Ottawa and Sudbury.

In 2009, CFORP expanded its mandate to increasingly serve the Canadian Francophonie as a whole, while in 2012 the organization redefined its goals as an organization to become a multiservice provider in education while contributing to Canadian Francophonie’s growth and well-being.

‟In the beginning we worked with school boards across Canada, but mainly with Ontario school boards… Then we signed a service contract with the Fédération nationale des conseils scolaires francophones, thus expanding our work and services. Today we are also focusing on a completely new-to-us area of endeavour: technology,” said Leroux, when discussing CFORP’s many new e-learning services.

CFORP has become a center for dialogue, leadership, and innovation in education. It firmly believes in the importance of education to the vitality of French culture and language across Ontario.

CFORP was nominated for the Public Education Advocacy Award by AEFO, because of its long-standing dedication to providing outstanding resources to the public education sector and improving the experience of Francophone teachers and students across Canada.

(Kate Hawkins is a journalism student who has worked as a communications officer with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation during the summer of 2014)