The theme of this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), “Public Education: A Public Good,” emphasizes a value and a definition of publicly-funded public education that teachers and teacher organizations around the world hold to be true:  that governments, for the sake of their own citizens and their nation as a whole, have the responsibility to provide quality, universal, inclusive, free, publicly-funded public education for all children. This belief in education as a fundamental human right grounds our work. It will be reflected in the launch of the Speak Truth to Power Canada teacher resource, which will occur during the President’s Reception. Delegates will have an opportunity to meet some of the Canadian human rights defenders whose work is the focus of this new resource.  Speak Truth to Power Canada has been developed in conjunction with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights (Center).

One unique aspect of this year’s CTF AGM is that it will be followed immediately by the Education International 7th World Congress – a quadrennial EI event that is being hosted in Ottawa, Canada, for the first time.  Approximately 950 delegates from all over the world, as well as several hundred observers and guests, will take part in the Congress, whose focus will be: Unite for Quality Education.  Because of CTF’s responsibilities in hosting the Congress, the CTF AGM will be somewhat abbreviated.  The Congress promises to be a most interesting and inspiring event.

I look forward to greeting you in Ottawa on July 17th.

Dianne Woloschuk