Keeping public education in mainstream government planning is only one of the responsibilities of our provincial and territorial associations, unions and federations. Support for Canadian teachers dealing with education issues and raising the concerns of teachers nationally and internationally is the responsibility of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

Clear communication about the work of the CTF and meaningful relationship building with teacher organizations across Canada are vital if the CTF is to remain viable and continue as the authoritative, effective voice of teachers in Canada. The CTF must continue to deliver the programs and services that our members look for and want. We must be responsive to their needs.

Public education fosters the development of individuals, communities and society. Conditions must be in place to ensure all children have the opportunity to learn, they must have a rich and demanding curriculum, and they must have appropriate assistance and support. Unless governments continue to invest both time and resources in education, teachers throughout Canada are limited in their ability to deliver service to students and families across Canada.

I have been committed to representing Alberta teachers throughout my career and Canadian teachers for the past five. I am dedicated to continuing my advocacy and support for a robust national teachers’ organization in Canada.


Mark Ramsankar was elected president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association in 2013 following two terms as vice-president. He served as president of the Edmonton Public Teachers Local prior. Since 1986, Mark has served Alberta teachers.

Mark’s career in education includes teaching experience at all grade levels, School administration, and consultant in the area of assessment. His subject areas include Science and Physical Education with an emphasis on special education. Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Education and earned his Masters of Education from the University of Alberta. He received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Alberta Government in 1992.

As Alberta’s president responsibilities include chairing the CTF Committee, Membership Eligibility Board, Teacher Salary Qualifications Board and School Administrator Issues and Concerns Committee; serving as a member of the Strategic Planning Group, Finance and the Alberta Education Teacher Development and Practice Advisory Committee. He is the Provincial Executive Council liaison to the Council for School Leadership.

Currently Mark serves in his fifth term as a vice-president of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation where he chairs the CTF Advisory Committee on Aboriginal Education.

While representing teachers in Alberta and across Canada, he continues to focus on developing meaningful relationships among teachers, education leaders and colleagues from the provincial, national and international education community.