For the past four years I have had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of CTF with one year on the Executive as a Vice-President. These experiences have taught me the significance and global reputation of this organization.

CTF is needed now, more than ever, to assist in combating the disintegration of our organizations, and with it the rights and freedoms of teachers across Canada. Over a number of years, the attacks on organizations nationwide have been noticeably amplified. The aim of governments is to fragment unions, federations and associations with a divide and conquer mentality. CTF plays a vital role in federal lobbying efforts and has considerable influence through its affiliation with EI.

Threats to free collective bargaining are conspicuous in Canada, evidenced as of late in British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia. Lack of respect for workers and their unions is an underlying theme; however, court rulings in Ontario and BC have renewed our resolve.

As an organization two hundred thousand strong, we need to battle with a united front against the attacks on teachers and public education. All this, while continuing important work that gives voice to others in the areas of poverty, diversity and human rights, gender parity, and the right to free, high-quality public education for all.

During the course of my 32 year career I have been enthusiastically involved in activism. I would like to continue to support teachers at the national level as a CTF Vice-President. I ask for your vote, on July 15.


Shelley Morse took office as the 43rd president of the NSTU on August 1, 2012; becoming the seventh female president of the 10,400-member organization.

She has been an advocate in the areas of equity, PD, member services, status of women, gender parity; and public affairs/public relations - working to uphold rights and benefits for teachers.

At the national level, she currently sits on the CTF Board of Directors and CAPTO. At the 2014 CTF AGM, Shelley was elected Vice-President for the executive board and was appointed Chair of CTF Advisory Committee on the Status of Women.

Shelley has been a NSTU delegate at the CTF AGM; was a member of the CTF Advisory Committee on Diversity and Human Rights; and the CTF Advisory Committee on the Status of Women. She also served on the AGM Resolutions Committee; CTF Finance and Negotiations Committees. She currently sits as a CTF Trust Fund trustee, and a member of the Advisory Committee on the Teaching Profession and the Ad hoc Committee on CTF membership.

In 2012, Shelley was elected Vice-President of the NSTC Alumni Association; appointed to sit on the Board of Directors of PSI; and received a Women of Excellence Award for Education.