James Dinn (NLTA), Candidate for CTF Vice‑President


“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”
 Nelson Mandela

Last year, with your support, I chose to take on the responsibilities of CTF Vice‑President. I am seeking your support again this year.

As members of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, we climbed a few great hills together this past year. Our colleagues in the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation rejoined the CTF family, strengthening our national voice. We successfully filled the position of Deputy Secretary General – a significant step in building the CTF team.

And still, the hills stretch out before us.

Privatization and commercialization, childhood poverty, and inadequate mental health services, are only some of challenges facing us and our publicly funded education system. But it is our strength and solidarity as a national teachers’ organization that will allow us to climb these hills.

For the past year I have had the privilege of serving you as a member of the executive committee team. I remain strongly committed to a Canadian Teachers’ Federation that has the power not only to advocate on behalf of teachers, but to transform our society.

I ask for your support in ensuring we continue to be a strong voice for teachers.


James is 57 years old and is a born and bred resident of St. John’s. He is currently completing his second term as president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. His involvement with his provincial Association is extensive. He has served as a member of the provincial executive for over 10 years, four of those years as vice-president.

He and his wife, Michelle, are parents of three adult children, one of whom has chosen a teaching career with the provincial francophone board. Michelle is a retired teacher. James taught 32 years before taking leave in 2013 to assume his responsibilities as NLTA President. He has taught in both small rural and large urban schools, and since becoming president he has made it his responsibility to visit schools throughout the province - no small undertaking for a province with the geographical challenges of Newfoundland and Labrador. However, James believes, if a person expects to represent teachers, then it is important to meet them where they practice their profession.

James maintains a strong commitment to social justice and believes the true measure of a society is best determined by its treatment of its most vulnerable citizens. He is a longtime supporter (over 25 years) of several international social justice organizations and serves on the boards of directors of local not-for-profit organizations involved with the relief of homelessness and poverty.