The theme of this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), “Safe and Caring Schools,” emphasizes a value and a condition of publicly funded public education that teachers, teacher organizations, parents and students around the world hold dear: schools must be safe places for all children to learn and for all teachers and education workers to work. The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is your national voice advocating for quality education as a public good, accessible to all children and youth and for teaching to be regarded as the essential profession it is.

At this AGM, delegates will have opportunities to debate important topics including the advocacy priorities of the CTF and to contribute to the strategic goals of our organization. The CTF believes that truly safe and caring schools address, rather than shy away from, difficult issues like the impacts of poverty, mental health challenges, effective inclusion, and more. The CTF advocates for adequate funding of education, respect for the profession, protection of teachers and many other issues to ensure teachers and education workers enjoy good working conditions. Our work is rooted in social justice and seeks to ensure that quality, inclusive publicly funded public education is a public good in Canada and abroad.

I look forward to greeting you in Edmonton on July 11 and, especially, to a lively and productive AGM.

H. Mark Ramsankar