​​​July 10-12, 2019 in Ottawa

This is a unique year for our federation. For starters, the annual Canadian Forum on Public Education, an event that provides a wonderful pretext for the AGM, is taking 2019 off as Education International holds its quadrennial congress in Bangkok, Thailand. The World Congress brings together delegates from EI’s 400 affiliate organizations, including the CTF-FCE. Together, national education organizations will pave the way forward for global public education policy. Back at home here in Canada, the CTF-FCE is ready to embark on a transition. This AGM is my last as president as I hand over the reins to our next leader to be elected during this year’s proceedings.

But before the CTF-FCE celebrates 100 years there is much work to be done. To reflect the theme and direction of EI’s World Congress, our AGM is also framed as ‘Educators and their Unions Take the Lead.’ Across our country, we are witnessing a wave of populist ideas and political parties set on dismantling our public institutions and education is caught in the eye of the storm. This AGM is set to bring forth policy that reflects our policies to build better and more robust publicly funded public education systems as well as create a more inclusive and just society for all.

The efforts of our members can be seen in plain sight from coast to coast to coast as they work to both withstand the tide of austerity measures and in spite of the challenges, to make public education in Canada recognized among the best in the world. 

Colleagues, together we are the CTF-FCE and our work is rooted in social justice and seeks to ensure that quality, inclusive publicly funded public education is a public good in Canada and abroad.

I look forward to seeing you in Ottawa this July and, especially, to a lively and productive AGM full of progressive ideas. And to all of my colleagues and friends, good luck in the future as you continue the fight for quality public education.

H. Mark Ramsankar