JULY 11-12, 2016

This year the theme is Wellness in our Schools: Time to Act! Please join us as we identify some of the wellness challenges that exist in our public schools, and examine ways to address these challenges collectively.

Over two days, participants will examine issues related to wellness in our schools including:

  • Mental Health and Stigma
  • Technology Related Stress
  • Teacher Wellness
  • Student Wellness
  • Perspectives on Stress: Language, Sexual Identity, Indigenous

This event is aimed for:

  • teachers
  • school counsellors and psychotherapists
  • school boards
  • Ministries of Education
  • teacher unions/associations/federations
  • NGO sector (particularly working in education and wellness)

Featured Speakers:

A few highlights of the program include:

Getting to Know Thyself: Being an everyday advocate for Mental Health
- Mark Henick

Mark uses his own experience, both as a patient and as a professional, to provide insight. He collapses the difference that we construct between ourselves and those who happen to experience mental health problems and illnesses by demonstrating how common these experiences are. He argues passionately in favour of embracing our vulnerability, tuning in to our psychological needs, and living everyday as an advocate for mental health.

“Growing Tired, Anxious, Distracted”
- Dr. Phil McRae, The Alberta Teachers’ Association

A presentation of initial findings from ground-breaking research conducted by The Alberta Teachers’ Association, the University of Alberta, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School to better understand the scope of physical, mental, and social consequences of digital technologies in areas such as exercise, homework, identity formation, distraction, cognition, learning, nutrition, and sleep quality.

“Mental Health is Everyone’s Business
- Louise Bradley and Sapna Mahajan, Mental Health Commission of Canada

The workplace plays a pivotal role in promoting mental health and preventing mental injury of their employees across all sectors and industries. This is especially true in the education sector where teachers are dealing with their own mental health challenges and work stresses as well as those of their students. This session will suggest ways to creating mentally healthy schools for all.