Nely Brady and Emily Noble      Poster

Photo: Neli Brady (left) with Emily Noble, CTF President.

Poster designed by Neli Brady, member of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and winner of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation 2008 World Teachers’ Day poster contest.

Open letter by the President of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation

Did you know that Canadian teachers touch the lives of about 5,212,533 students (Statistics Canada - 2005/2006) from every walk of life, every language, every culture and every religion -- every day. Furthermore, Canadian teachers are highly respected around the world as they support their teacher colleagues, particularly in developing countries.

People who become teachers often say that one of their teachers, or relative who worked as a teacher, had much influence on them. I know I was inspired by Mrs. White, my Grade 1 teacher. I often think of her and how she made a mark on my life. Mrs. White is one of the many reasons that I became a teacher.

Many teachers confess to their life-long need to learn and seeing teaching as a natural extension of their own learning. They just want a chance to give something back to the community in which they live. As keepers of Canada's education system, teachers want to transmit their knowledge to young people, they want to make a difference in a child’s life and teach them the skills they need to succeed in society.

However, teaching in Canada is much more demanding and far more complex than it ever was in earlier times. With the emergence of mass education and the information society, it is critical more than ever to develop in our youth social and civic values that are essential to a safe and caring society.

If we are to create a stable and democratic society, our schools must be the focal point where people can meet and learn to live together. Learning to live side by side in harmony is one of the biggest challenges of this century.

This year’s World Teachers’ Day poster and thank-you cards were designed by an elementary school teacher in Ontario, Neli Brady, a member of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario. This resident of Tecumseh, (about 23 km from Windsor, Ontario) entered and won first prize in CTF’s national World Teachers’ Day poster contest launched last spring under the theme “Teachers change your life”.

Anyone wishing to thank their favourite teacher, past or present, can visit the CTF Web site to send or download a thank-you card. (see related links below)

In closing, I would also like to highlight the ‘Canadian connection’ with the date of October 5 which was an idea put forth by a Canadian teacher leader, Norman Goble. Thanks to him, World Teacher’s Day was first recognized in 1994 and now millions of teachers around the world are recognized on Oct. 5, World Teachers’ Day.

Think of a teacher who has changed your life. Hope you have a wonderful World Teachers’ Day.

In solidarity,
Emily Noble, President Canadian Teachers’ Federation