The Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) wishes to thank all of you who, throughout the years and since the publication of the first version of Debout!, helped improve its content through their comments and suggestions.

Why a second edition of Debout!? Since this cultural activities kit was launched in 2002, the integration of elements specific to the Francophone culture into teaching has evolved considerably. Teachers are increasingly aware of their role regarding the double mandate of French‑language schools and numerous initiatives were developed to support them.

Debout! is not a pedagogy. It remains a tool that sparks ideas, provides a wealth of resources to support the various proposed activities and features a calendar of events taking place in French. It is intended for educators in French-language schools as well as teachers of French as a second language who wish to incorporate cultural values into their teaching.

Cette deuxième édition s'accompagne d’un site Web qui, d’une part, permet d’avoir accès au contenu de Debout! en version électronique, mais qui, d’autre part, permettra une mise à jour continuelle des activités ou des ressources qui sont proposées dans Debout!

This second edition is complemented by a Web site which, on the one hand, provides access to the entire content of Debout!, but, on the other hand, will facilitate the continuous updating of proposed activities and resources. CTF is pleased to offer you a new edition of this tool which will nicely accompany your classroom activities. Have fun!