(Available in French only)

The series Question d’habitude! provides French language school teachers with courses of action to develop students’ oral skills in French. At the heart of this tool are fossilized habits, these expressions that are often repeated and which eventually become embedded in the spoken language. They are the subject of 20 short videos and worksheets which we invite you to explore.

The proposed approach is simple: to change the structure of a fossilized habit, one must first understand why it should be changed. After understanding it, the student must learn the correct structure and create a new habit. To adopt this new habit, there needs to be a positive, non-threatening, reminder. And that is exactly what Question d’habitude! offers.

Humour, complicity, patience and collaboration are put forward to support students in their journey to develop their oral competency in French.

Question d’habitude!  - Videos and worksheets (French only)