• To be a visible national voice for teachers
  • To act as a strong advocate for public education
  • To bring public attention to the need for all members of school communities to work, learn and live in a safe and healthy environment
  • To focus public and professional attention on necessary conditions for teaching and learning
  • To advocate for social justice issues

The four objectives of the CTF advocacy program are to:

Establish a trusted dialogue with federal government decision-makers on relevant issues.

  • Our voice from a national perspective, encompassing the provincial and territorial design of education delivery, permits to address many of the societal and legislative issues affecting teachers, students and the overall teaching profession.

Position CTF as a accessible, knowledgeable organization that develops and promotes issues of national and international relevance.

  • Advocacy begins and is strengthened by effective research and analysis. CTF is uniquely positioned to bring forward the voice of teachers in provincial, national, and international debates on the issues affecting education.

Become the "top of mind" resource for policy-makers and government decision-makers on issues related to children, youth and those with connections to education at the national level.

  • As a national organization representing the various and respective perspectives of provincial and territorial education priorities and issues, CTF is actively involved with various partners in support of Youth and Teacher Initiatives to increase the quality of education of every student in the system.

Develop a reputation as an organization that actively comments on federal policy.

  • Our voice from a national perspective, which includes the provincial and territorial voice of teachers, is often sought out by the Federal Government in its efforts to review and amend federal policy as it impacts on the teaching profession.