• To be a visible national voice for teachers
  • To act as a strong advocate for public education
  • To bring public attention to the need for all members of school communities to work, learn and live in a safe and healthy environment
  • To focus public and professional attention on necessary conditions for teaching and learning
  • To advocate for social justice issues

Media are powerful forces in the lives of youth. Young people are immersed in media, moving beyond geographical and regulatory boundaries as they access, absorb, communicate, create and repurpose media content. And they're doing this largely without guidance and often without reflection. To be media literate in this new environment, young people need to develop knowledge, values and a range of critical thinking, communication and information management skills - and media education is an essential tool in helping them acquire these skills.

CTF has championed the increase and strengthening of the practice of media education in Canadian classrooms. That is why CTF partners with the Media Awareness Network to hold a Media Literacy Week every first week of November. A variety of activities – from classroom-based projects to large-scale public events – take place throughout the week in support of media literacy.