Research and Member Services

The Economic and Member Services area is involved in data collection and dissemination, statistical analyses, assistance with collective bargaining, pan-Canadian comparisons of collective agreements, education policy, and legislation which assist Member organizations and Affiliate Member to promote and protect the interests of teachers and the public education system.

Economic and Member Services also produces publications for the exclusive use of Members and responds to requests for specific research and information. In addition, the department develops, organizes and collaborates with Members in the delivery of educational offerings, seminars and conferences that are particularly relevant to teachers and their working lives.

Professional Learning and Development Services

The Professional and Developmental Services area promotes the professionalism and professional development of teachers. This includes strengthening public education in the context of education reform, ensuring equity in educational practice and policy, and enhancing the status of the teaching profession in Canada.

The work is divided into seven interrelated categories — providing support for PD departments in Member organizations; providing support to CTF Committees; developing and reviewing policies; identifying and researching critical educational issues; publication of periodicals and resources on priorities of CTF; organizing national conference and seminars; and liaising with other organizations.​