Currently in most jurisdictions in Canada, the basic requirement to enter the teaching profession is the successful completion of Grade 12 and four additional years of post-secondary education that includes at least one year of professional studies in teacher education. Since there are variations to this basic requirement, candidates should directly contact the relevant certification agency in the province where they wish to teach.

In addition to the academic requirements, often candidates for teacher education programs are interviewed to assess their suitability for a career in teaching. Essential qualities include a good command of English or French, emotional stability, enthusiasm and a sincere interest in young people. Teachers are also expected to have qualities to enable them to relate well to their students and to establish an environment that is conducive to learning. In addition to advancing literacy skills and preparing students for further academic or vocational studies, teachers should be qualified to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills in their students, as well as sensitivity to diversity and personal autonomy, and a solid sense of civic responsibility.