People who come to Canada are selected according to universal standards designed to determine their suitability to adjust to life in Canada and to settle successfully. Applicants are assessed against a detailed point system based on education, prospects for employment, a pre-arranged job, preferred destination in Canada, age, knowledge of English and/or French, personal suitability, and the presence of relatives already in Canada.

Employment authorizations must be obtained from the Canadian government office abroad, before applicants enter Canada - they are not allowed to enter Canada to look for a position or to accept a position prior to obtaining an employment authorization. The initial application should be made to the nearest Canadian immigration office in the applicant's country. Where there is no Canadian immigration office located in a particular country, advice on immigration procedures may be obtained from the nearest Canadian consular office.

Teachers coming to Canada and searching for employment in public schools must meet all the same basic requirements expected from qualified teachers moving within Canada. Teacher qualifications must be submitted to the teacher certification body in the province/territory of application. There are also additional requirements that specifically pertain to immigrants including evidence of landed immigrant status where the applicant is not a Canadian citizen. Another important requirement is proficiency in one of Canada's official languages - English or French.