Oct. 5th is World Teachers’ Day: Taking a stand for teachers is taking a stand for public education

October 02, 2012

Ottawa… On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day (Oct. 5), the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) extends its thanks to all parents, students and partner organizations who stand up for teachers and for public education year in and year out. (http://www.ctf-fce.ca/en/Pages/About/Member-Organizations.aspx). “Taking a stand for teachers” is the theme which was developed by Education International and UNESCO for this year’s World Teachers’ Day.

“World Teachers’ Day is not just a day to honour all the teachers, but it is also an opportunity to recognize the support that teachers receive from the community and society,” says CTF President Paul Taillefer, referring to public opinion polls which shows that the teaching profession ranks among the top five most trusted in Canada.

“Canadians expect a lot from teachers and from public education,” adds Taillefer. “Canadian teachers have delivered on that promise if you consider our students’ highly acclaimed success on international measures.

“However, the challenges faced by teachers in today’s society are even greater than they were two decades ago, as highlighted in Statistics Canada’s Sept. 19 report showing the lives of Canadians families are too complex for a one-size-fits-all approach. This reality is mirrored every day in Canadian classrooms in which teachers strive to educate many more students with varying learning needs and mental health challenges against a backdrop of changing demographics such as student ethnicity or family structures. Teachers must also try to mitigate the effects of poverty and other socio-economic factors as they try to reach each and every child in their classrooms.

“But despite the challenges in today’s globalized world, teachers and their organizations have consistently shown the way forward,” adds Taillefer. “In recent years, Canada’s quality public education has flourished, despite the waning support from governments, because of the work of teachers who ensure that their expertise in teaching and learning informs education policies,” concludes Taillefer.

An alliance of 15 Member organizations and one Affiliate Member representing nearly 200,000 teachers across the country, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is a member of the international body of teachers, Education International (EI).

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Paul Taillefer, CTF President


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