Canadian Teachers’ Federation adopts action plan to counter cyberbullying

November 19, 2007

Ottawa – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) adopted an action plan last night to address the many challenges presented by cyberbullying within the context of schools and the professional lives of teachers.

According to CTF President Emily Noble, the action plan is just one piece of the overall strategy being mapped out by a National Work Group established last July at the CTF Annual General Meeting.

The Work Group, consisting of representatives of CTF Member organizations, researchers in education as well as education experts in communications technology, looked at issues related to the creation of new technologies and their effect on teaching and learning environment.

“Bullying is bullying, whether it’s done online by the latest technology or whether it’s done in person - and it is unacceptable, says Noble. We want our schools to be safe and secure places for learning.”

“CTF will be collaborating with teacher, parent, law enforcement agencies, policy-makers and legislators to find solutions and support that will allow teachers to teach and students to learn, in an environment safe from any bullying, including the emerging “cyberbullying,” further explains Noble.

Here are other activities:

  • Development and dissemination of a national policy on cyberconduct in cooperation with CTF Member organizations;
  • Joint initiatives with key education partners;
  • Web resources, publications and articles for teachers, parents and students;
  • Lobbying efforts for legislative protection against cyberbullying at the federal level;
  • Work in cooperation with other teacher organizations around the world, under the umbrella of Education International.

The CTF Board of Directors is meeting Monday and Tuesday in Ottawa to discuss this issue along with others related to the Federation’s activities.

CTF speaks for 220,000 teachers in Canada as their national voice on education and related social issues. CTF membership includes Member organizations in every province and territory in Canada as well as an Affiliate Member in Ontario. CTF ( is also a member of the international body of teachers, Education International (



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