2010 World Teachers’ Day - Canadian teachers are ‘doing it right’

September 28, 2010

OTTAWA…  Teachers across Canada will join more than 50 million of their colleagues around the globe marking World Teachers’ Day on October 5th. The national theme for this year’s celebration is “Canadian teachers – doing it right!

“Canadian teachers have a lot to celebrate despite the challenges of current economic uncertainties,” says Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) President Mary-Lou Donnelly. “Our public education system continues to be among the best in the world, and this is largely due to the efforts of Canada’s well-educated, highly dedicated teachers.”

The CTF President says that Canadians’ support for public education and for the work teachers are doing also remains high. “In a recent survey by Vector Research, 7 out of 10 Canadian parents rated schools in their own communities with an A or B,” says Donnelly.

The survey also asked participants to rate the job schools in their communities are doing in relation to six social outcomes, including issues of gender, equity and inclusion. Seven in 10 participants awarded a rating of either “good” or “excellent”.

“A recent report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) places strong emphasis on the social outcomes of education,” says Donnelly. “There are clear ongoing links between educational attainment and self-reported good health, political interest and interpersonal trust.

“Teachers can be proud of the role they play both in their own communities and in the global village,” notes the CTF President. “Canadian teachers continue to work with their international colleagues on vital education and relief projects. In the school rooms of the global village, teachers firmly believe that our students come first.”

This year, teachers in Canada are being honored with the release of the song You have made a difference by Ottawa musicians Brian Asselin, a recently qualified teacher, and Eric Disero. The song is available in English, French and in bilingual form.  The English version is also available from iTunes and has been viewed on YouTube some 50,000 times. Visit the musicians’ Web site to order copies.

October 5th, World Teachers’ Day, is the annual celebration of the valuable work of teachers in Canada and around the globe. World Teachers’ Day was the brainchild of a former Canadian teacher leader, Norman Goble. First recognized in 1994, World Teachers’ Day now profiles the work of over 55 million teachers around the world.

CTF speaks for nearly 200,000 teachers in Canada as their national voice on education and related social issues. CTF membership includes teacher organizations across Canada. CTF is also a member of the international body of teachers, Education International.


Note to news editors: Additional info on World Teachers’ Day activities around the world at www.5oct.org
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