Teachers around the world in shock over CIDA rejection of education program

February 02, 2011

OTTAWA….  Teachers across Canada and around the world are asking the Conservative government to override the bureaucratic decision that rejects the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) proposal. It would have involved tens of thousands of Canadian and overseas teachers working together to deliver quality education in developing countries.

“The global education community is reeling from the shock after being informed of the CIDA decision,” says CTF President Mary-Lou Donnelly. “We have received an overwhelming number of letters and emails from a cross-section of Canadian and overseas teachers, ministers of education, partner organizations and global education networks.

“The five-year proposal builds on 50 years of partnership with the government of Canada and overseas partners. Not only are Canadian teachers dedicated as international volunteers, they have the valuable training and essential skills to work with their teacher colleagues and help improve teaching and learning in developing countries.

Canadian teachers have been praised worldwide for their work as pioneers and promoters of quality education. CTF’s International Programs have one focus: helping local teachers deliver quality education. Here’s how Canadian teachers help:

  • Provide professional development for over 13,000 under trained teachers and nearly 2,300 teacher trainers who will be sharing their skills with 23,000 additional teachers in marginalized areas of developing countries;
  • Lead projects designed to meet the national goals of quality “Education For All” in Ghana, Guinea, Mongolia, Uganda, India, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone and Togo;
  • Train teachers to help achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) including gender equality, health disease prevention, eradication of extreme poverty and global partnership for development, just to name a few.

“Teachers here and around the world urge the Minister to intervene today for the sake of the 40,000 overseas teachers and their over 2-million students who would benefit from the CTF program.  Canada’s image as a champion for quality public education depends on it,” concludes Donnelly.

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation speaks for nearly 200,000 teachers in Canada as their national voice on education and related social issues.  CTF is also a member of the international body of teachers, Education International.


Mary-Lou Donnelly, CTF President

Francine Filion, CTF Communications Director, 613-688-4314 or 613-899-4247 (cell)

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Barbara MacDonald Moore, CTF Director of International Programs,