Pedagogy in French-language schools... A new adventure!

March 29, 2011

Ottawa….. The Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) will be present in schools across French Canada in the coming months. On Wednesday, March 30, CTF will begin a cross-Canada tour to produce a series of videos on the best teaching practices that will be implemented in Francophone minority settings throughout the country. The adventure will begin in the Port au Port Peninsula in Newfoundland and will end next fall in Western Canada.

“We are very pleased that the partners in this project turned naturally to our federation. Aimed at developing appropriate pedagogy for French-language schools, this project must be designed by and for teachers if we want it to succeed,” said CTF President Mary-Lou Donnelly.

The project involves a partnership with the GroupeMédia TFO, a television network serving several Francophone regions in Canada. Each department of Education in provinces and territories where French is the language of the minority also sponsors this initiative and acts as the liaison with the various jurisdictions involved. In addition, the departments of Education coordinate several components of the pedagogy priority area, including the development of this project, in the Action Plan in Education.  This plan was agreed to by the French-language educational community in 2005.

“CTF was one of the first groups to publish documents on pedagogy in minority settings. We are well aware that teachers in these schools face specific challenges and, at the end of this project, we hope to provide them with a practical and user-friendly tool that will help them better support their students,” added Donnelly.

The agreement with TFO involves the production of 13 documentaries on the building of the Francophone identity and of a series of videos that will be made in French-language schools across the country. These videos will tangibly support the pillars of pedagogy in minority settings and will be available from a dedicated Web site.

Committees composed of teachers will meet throughout the project to clarify the concepts surrounding this pedagogy to ensure that they are well understood. The production of the documentaries and videos is underway thanks to the excellent cooperation of Les Productions Rivard, Inc. from Winnipeg which was involved in the project from the beginning and greatly contributes to its success. The project will spread over the next three years and should come to fruition in 2014.

CTF is the national alliance of 200,000 teachers across Canada and a member of Education International. CTF, an active partner in advocating the full respect of the right of Francophones to quality education, strives to support teachers in French-language schools in minority settings and to intervene on their behalf with national partners.


Information: Ronald Boudreau, Director of Services to Francophones

Contact: Francine Filion, Director of Communications, 613-688-4314 or 613-899-4247 (cell.)