Canadian teachers launch national pro-democracy campaign

February 06, 2013

OTTAWA…“Hear my voice”, a national campaign launched today by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF), aims to mobilize the growing number of teachers concerned about the state of democracy in Canada.

“Teachers are passionate advocates for social justice who strive to prepare their students to become responsible members of society,” says CTF President Paul Taillefer. “But when they witness the silencing of voices of dissent, the dismantling of social programs and public services, the demonizing of charities and labour organizations and the diminishing of Canada’s reputation on the world stage, they become very concerned that these measures are sending the wrong message about democracy to their students.

“The numerous government initiatives that have shown willful disrespect for democracy have sparked, across the country, a massive swell of pro-democracy demonstrations and movements, reminiscent of those in the 60s. People from all walks of life are calling for an adherence to democratic values, for inclusion and for social and economic justice in Canada.

“Good government means listening to all voices,” adds Taillefer. “In a healthy democracy, decisions should be accompanied by respectful consultation and ongoing dialogue with all sectors of the population -- not just with those few who share the same ideology.

“Teachers and their organizations are among the many groups targeted by the Harper government’s initiatives. A recent example is Bill C-377 which was pushed quickly through the House of Commons with little debate and no consultation despite the many attempts by CTF to meet with federal Conservative MPs,” concludes Taillefer.

The “Hear My Voice” campaign will see teachers contacting their federal MPs via postcards, in person and/or with social media and urging them to put an end to “excessive government secrecy; corruption and waste; attacks on unions; the exclusion of voices and decline of democracy.”

The national campaign was adopted at the CTF Board of Directors meeting in November 2012.

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Paul Taillefer, President, CTF

Media contact:

Francine Filion, Director of Communications, CTF, 613-688-4314