Teachers supported before embarking on educational project abroad

July 15, 2014

OTTAWA – Over 50 teachers from across Canada are currently participating in Project Overseas (PO). PO is a joint endeavor of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) and its Member organizations.

Already in its 53rd year, PO offers Canadian teachers the opportunity to work with overseas colleagues as they provide professional development (PD) workshops to teachers and school heads. These workshops are a key part of long-term projects designed to strengthen public education in developing countries. PO is a core component of CTF’s International Program – Teachers’ Action for Learning.

“Project Overseas is a wonderful opportunity for Canadian teachers to share and expand their knowledge and skills. It is also challenging development work and CTF is both proud of and grateful to the Canadian teachers who generously volunteer their time and expertise with PO,” said CTF President Dianne Woloschuk. This year, participants are working with CTF partner organizations in 11 different countries across Africa and the Caribbean, during the month of July.

CTF is committed to supporting its volunteers. The preparatory phase for PO runs February through July and includes team leader training; team building; partner information; project development; assistance with intercultural effectiveness and culminates in a three-day Orientation program at CTF. Immediately after the Orientation in Ottawa the fifty two volunteers travelled to their 11 different destinations where they have begun the professional development work with CTF’s overseas partners. After returning to Canada, in August, participants will also be supported to debrief and build upon their experience.

This year’s participants are:

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA):

  • Rhonda Fox, Team Leader to Dominica
  • Maria Fatima Gomes, team member to Saint Vincent
  • Heather Hickey, team member to Saint Lucia
  • Sonia Marques, team member to Uganda
  • Monika Roy, team member to Guyana
  • Susan Sembaj, team member to Saint Kitts
  • Assuntina Simonetta, team member to Dominica
  • Nicole van Woudenberg, Team Leader to Trinidad and Tobago

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF):

  • Angela Banda, team member to Ghana
  • Nathan Beselaere, team member to Sierra Leone
  • Leanne Gruending, team member to Uganda
  • Stacy Hill, team member to Uganda

Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS):

  • Valerie Berscheid, team member to Guyana
  • Audrey Clempson, team member to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Maxine Geller, Team Leader to Saint Vincent
  • Susannah Mueller, team member to Uganda
  • Andrea Overby, Team Leader to Saint Lucia

Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontarien (AEFO):

  • Sandra Berry, team member to Togo
  • Nathalie Ladouceur, Team Leader to Haiti
  • Caroline Morin, team member to Haiti

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO):

  • Alvarine Aldridge, team member to Dominica
  • Michael Beetham, Team Leader to Sierra Leone
  • Bruno Dallaire, team member to Haiti
  • Tammy Gallant, team member to Saint Kitts
  • Patricia Munroe, Team Leader to Saint Kitts
  • Joseph Jarrett, team member to Ghana
  • Diane Lawler, team member to Sierra Leone
  • Laina Lees, team member to Saint Vincent
  • Joanna MacArthur, team member to Saint Lucia
  • Iris Maxwell, team member to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Emily Moxey, team member to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Carol Peterson, Team Leader to Uganda
  • Cheryl Sheffield, team member to Saint Lucia
  • Cindy Webb, team member to Ghana

Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT):

  • Sandy Plamondon, team member to Togo

New Brunswick Teachers’ Association (NBTA):

  • Angela Marr, team member to Uganda

Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU):

  • Owen Ferguson, team member to Ghana
  • Michelle Richards, team member to Uganda

Prince Edward Island Teachers’ Federation (PEITF):

  • Lacey Gallant, team member to Sierra Leone

Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers ‘Association (NLTA):

  • Lisa Thistle, team member to Haiti

Nunavut Teachers’ Association (NTA):

  • Claude Pike, team member to Guyana

Yukon Teachers’ Association (YTA):

  • Barbara Reid, team member to Ghana

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA):

  • Cameron Archer, Team Leader to Ghana
  • Suzie Chambers, team member to Togo
  • Kimberlee Carson, team member to Saint Vincent
  • Simone Désilets, Team Leader to Togo
  • Joanne Lemieux, team member to Saint Kitts
  • Benny Lo, team member to Dominica
  • Gerald Logan, Team Leader to Guyana
  • Mireille Prévost, Team Leader to Uganda
  • Leah Rawlings, team member to Ghana
  • Lyle Watling, Team Leader to Ghana

PO is funded by CTF and its provincial and territorial member organizations, through which participants applied to take part in the program.

“Reports from CTF partner organizations as well as the Canadian teacher participants in PO indicate that these PD projects make a very positive difference in student learning both overseas, where the in-services take place, and in Canadian classrooms where teachers return with enhanced teaching skills and a deeper understanding of global issues,” concluded Woloschuk.

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation is an alliance of nearly 200,000 elementary and secondary educators from 17 organizations (15 Members, one affiliate member and one Associate Member across Canada). CTF is also a member of Education International, a global alliance of educators. Follow CTF on  Twitter: @CanTeachersFed and @EnseigneCanada.



Dianne Woloschuk, CTF President


Francine Filion, CTF Director of Communications
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