Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Celebrates Second Annual Canadian School Counselling Week

February 03, 2015
OTTAWA...  The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), in collaboration with its School Counsellors Chapter, is proud to celebrate the second annual Canadian School Counselling Week (February 2-6, 2015).  This special week promotes awareness and understanding of the vital role school counsellors play in fostering the personal, social, educational, and career development of children and youth in Canada’s education system.

School counsellors make vital contributions to the mental health and well-being of all Canadians.  Through comprehensive, developmental guidance and counselling programs, early intervention and education, and ongoing support, school counsellors make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth, as individual professionals and as part of student support teams.

“While mental illness and mental health issues pose substantial risk factors to today’s school-aged children and youth, early intervention can have a significant impact by increasing opportunities for positive change and well-being, reducing the impact of critical incidents, interrupting the negative course of some mental illnesses and in some cases, lessening long-term disability in children and youth.” said Blythe Shepard, President of CCPA.

Canadian School Counselling Week is a collaborative effort by CCPA, its School Counsellors Chapter, and the regional school counselling associations and ministries/departments of education in each province and territory.

CCPA invites all Canadians to join the celebrations of Canadian School Counselling Week. For more information, please visit the CCPA School Counsellors Chapter website at

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