Education International deplores passage of Bill C-377 by Canadian Parliament

July 27, 2015

Ottawa The newly elected Executive Board of Education International (EI) expressed its strong disapproval of the passage of Bill C-377 put forth by the Harper government in Canada. The legislation was passed in June 2015 and is described as being anti-union, undemocratic and invasive, breaking privacy laws.

The statement, the first item on the agenda at the EI Executive Board’s first meeting after the closure of its Congress in Ottawa today, reads:

We deplore the recent approval in the Parliament of Canada of Bill C-377, a law that discriminates against unions, creates unnecessary administrative burdens for them, and violates privacy. This past week, the EI World Congress in Ottawa affirmed the crucial importance of labour rights. Labour rights are essential for nations’ economic, political and democratic success. We would expect a democratic country like Canada to uphold labour rights, in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and international law.

Education International represents over 30 million educators through organisations of teachers and other education employees across the globe.



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