Please join educators from around the world in the #TellPearson campaign this week

April 25, 2016

Educators and supporters of public education are invited to join a global social media campaign in support of publicly funded education and to pressure Pearson to change its business practices.

The #TellPearson campaign will run from April 22-29 as a lead-up to Pearson’s annual meeting of shareholders in the UK on April 29.  

At that time, a shareholders’ resolution filed by a group of 100 education-friendly international pension funds, labor unions and concerned shareholders will be debated.  

The resolution calls on Pearson to change its business practices, to become more ethical and transparent, to support teachers and to ensure all children have equal access to high quality public education.

Who should be involved:

  • All educators and supporters of public education


  • April 22-29


Suggested tweets:

  • #tellPearson that #education is a public good provided by government to benefit all @unite4ed Sign petition
  • #TellPearson the world’s poorest families shouldn’t have to pay half their salary for a child’s education @unite4ed Sign petition
  • #TellPearson to change its business model & stop promoting school #privatization in developing world. @unite4ed Petition:
  • #TellPearson that turning public schools into private ones is costly to society in long run. @unite4ed and sign petition

Founded in 1920, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation is a national alliance of provincial and territorial teacher organizations that represent over 200,000 elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada. CTF is also a member of Education International.