Canadian Teachers’ Federation welcomes federal budget

February 27, 2018

OTTAWA – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) says today’s federal budget announcements are steps in the right direction towards achieving gender equality, supporting the wellbeing of Indigenous families and communities, and enhancing parental leave benefits.
CTF President H. Mark Ramsankar highlights a few federal budget announcements that could have an impact on children and youth as well as teachers:
  • $86 million over five years on top of the $101 million announced in 2017 towards a Gender-Based Violence Strategy that includes funds to address child maltreatment, teen dating violence, cyberbullying, and online child exploitation; 
  • $14.51 million over five years, beginning in 2018–19, and $2.89 million per year ongoing to combat human trafficking by establishing a National Human Trafficking Hotline;
  • $249 million over three years for mental health and emotional support to survivors and families of Residential Schools;
  • $5 billion over five years for Indigenous services and self-governance, including child services, health, water, and housing;
  • $231.4 million over five years to fight the opioid crisis that has claimed thousands of lives;
  • $20 million over five years for two new initiatives to better support the needs of Canadians experiencing autism spectrum disorder and their families;
  • $400 million in new funding over five years in support of the Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023. One of the key measures highlighted: “The recruitment and retention of teachers who teach French and English as a second language”;
  • $23 million over two years to support cross-country consultations on a new national anti-racism approach, that would bring together experts, community organizations, citizens and interfaith leaders to find new ways to collaborate and combat discrimination, and increased funds to address racism and discrimination targeted against Indigenous Peoples and women and girls,
  • A new five-week parental leave benefit for fathers or non-birth parents, including adoptive and same-sex partners.
“And certainly, we hope the creation of an Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare will translate into concrete funding and action to support Canadian families – especially those who live in poverty. We are cautiously optimistic,” concludes Ramsankar. “While education is a provincial and territorial responsibility, there are many federal departments whose programs and activities touch the daily lives of students, teachers and the communities in which they live.”
Founded in 1920, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation is a national alliance of provincial and territorial teacher organizations that represent over 238,000 elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada. CTF is also a member of Education International.
Spokesperson:CTF President H. Mark Ramsankar
Contact:Francine Filion, Director of Communication 613-899-4247 ffili(@)