May 17, National Day Against Homophobia: New teacher resource aims to nurture better understanding of BGLTT students

May 16, 2007

Ottawa – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is pleased to release on this National Day Against Homophobia, Challenging Silence, Challenging Censorship the latest in a series of publications aimed to help teachers, school administrators, and counselors understand the educational, health and safety needs of bisexual, gay, lesbian, trans-identified and two-spirited (BGLTT) students.

Challenging Silence, Challenging Censorship continues the work of three previous teacher resources published by CTF-- Seeing the Rainbow (2002) produced in cooperation with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), Lessons Learned: A Collection of Stories and Articles About Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues (2005), and The Gay-Straight Student Alliance Handbook (2006).

”We hope that Challenging Silence, Challenging Censorship finds a place in every school across Canada,” states CTF President Winston Carter. “Educators want the best for their students and to that end, this book has been created to help educational leaders learn more about how they can take action to challenge and positively change the educational conditions and social climate for BGLTT youth in their schools.”

“Not all minorities are visible. The legal and ethical right of BGLTT youth to access safe and inclusive educational environments is challenged every day. Explicit and implicit censorship and a culture of apathy towards name-calling, bullying, intimidation and other forms of aggression are deeply entrenched, systemic concerns in our schools and larger society.”

“This book is designed as a professional and practical resource but ultimately, it is a call to action for the creation of safe, caring, and inclusive schools and communities for all children and youth,” he concludes.

All four publications are available for purchase online at

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