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The CTF/FCE co-op experience

We offer invaluable co-op placements to undergraduate and graduate students in Canadian universities that are looking to: 

  • gain work experience; 
  • further develop their professional skills; 
  • build a professional network; 
  • gain insights in areas like Communications, International Development Cooperation, the Labour Movement, and Social Justice.

In general, we recruit students three times a year for a four-month work term:

  • Summer (May – August)
  • Fall (September – December)
  • Winter (January – April)

The CTF/FCE co-op experience allows you to work to advance publicly funded public education in a non-profit setting, at the pan-Canadian level together with a dynamic team of professionals.

Kick-start your career with the CTF/FCE. Contact your university co-op program office or contact us for more details.

Co-op student testimonials

Julieanna Mawko

University of Ottawa – Bachelor of Arts, Communication

University of Ottawa – Bachelor of Arts, Communication
Communications Intern – Summer 2019, Winter 2020

My CO-OP work term at the CTF/FCE was an unforgettable and enriching experience. I had the opportunity to work on numerous projects that developed both technical and analytical skills. Likewise, the tasks that I worked on were directly related to my field of study and my interests, such as conducting media monitoring, preparing multimedia products (including editing podcasts), creating social media content and aiding in event planning. I also enjoyed that the projects allowed me to be creative and critical, while also being challenging and stimulating.

At the CTF/FCE, the office atmosphere is friendly, dynamic and caring. I had the pleasure of working with colleagues with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

A benefit of working at the CTF/FCE is the fact that it is a bilingual and national organization. Being a French Immersion student, this was a great advantage since I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom to the workplace. In addition, the CTF/FCE’s pan-Canadian scope enabled me to look at the bigger picture when discussing vital matters, not only in the workplace, but also in academic settings.

Thank you CTF/FCE for this wonderful opportunity!

Ruth Decady

University of Ottawa – Bachelors, International Development and Globalization

International and Social Justice Intern – Fall 2019

The co-op work term I completed with the CTF/FCE was extremely rewarding. Working in the International and Social Justice Program, I was able to assist the Director and Program Officers in the planning and preparation of the Project Overseas initiative and of the Social Justice Seminar.

As someone interested in international development, I was able to discover and learn much about the delivery of international projects, especially from an NGO perspective.

Through my experience at the CTF/FCE, I was able to try new things, leave my comfort zone and gain and strengthen new skills. The best part was that I felt completely trusted by my team AT ALL TIMES! Truly, the CTF/FCE is an organization where your efforts are appreciated and valued.

My interest for international development is now much stronger and I look forward to continue working in this field. All in all, this work term has provided me with relevant experience which will help me determine how and where I will be investing my time in the years to come.

University of Ottawa – Bachelors, International Development and Globalization

Abigail Vandzura

University of Ottawa – Master in Globalization and International Development with a specialization in Gender Studies

University of Ottawa – Master in Globalization and International Development with a specialization in Gender Studies
International and Social Justice Intern – Summer 2019

My time at the CTF/FCE shaped how I saw my future. Going into this Co-op term, I didn’t really know what I should expect as a career in international development, and I didn’t even really know what a potential job would look like. The work term taught me how to apply the skills and theories I learned in school to the real world, and showed me what a career in international development could look like.

The incredibly supportive International and Social Justice team pushed me to be my best self both professionally and personally while taking the time to teach me how development projects unfold. They were very open to my questions and to helping me with problem solving, but also encouraged independent thinking and readily welcomed my suggestions and ideas. The ISJ team showed me that I have a lot to bring to the table and gave me the confidence to speak up and be heard.

Overall, my Co-op term at the CTF/FCE taught me many things about myself and about my future, and I am very thankful!

Shayna Lewis

University of Ottawa – Bachelor of Arts, Communication

Communications Intern – Summer 2018

My experience as a Communications Assistant with the CTF/FCE was absolutely fantastic. I had the opportunity to work on a variety of written and audiovisual assignments, including news releases, feature stories, op-eds, slide show presentations, and event photography. It was a privilege to see these projects being showcased at both the Canadian Forum on Public Education and the Annual General Meeting in Edmonton.

The professional work environment at the CTF/FCE also allowed me to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day workings of a non-profit organization. Most importantly, I felt that I had the unwavering support of the most congenial staff team I have ever met. Between their skilled expertise and friendly presence, I truly felt like they valued me as an equal, which was so significant to me as a student. I would highly recommend pursuing opportunities with the CTF/FCE, it was an honour to work with this organization!

University of Ottawa – Bachelor of Arts, Communication