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As the national voice for publicly funded public education, the CTF/FCE provides data collection, analyses, and reports on trends and issues affecting the interests of teachers, teacher organizations, and students particularly related to the three CTF/FCE advocacy pillars (Ensuring adequate funding and resourcing for public education, Strengthening labour rights and unionization, Advancing social justice), including research specific to French-language schools in Frenquêtes.

Our guiding principles and practices include:

  • Progressive, advocacy-oriented research that reflects and advances the goals and values of the CTF/FCE 
  • Collaborative and member-driven research to support Member Organization needs and priorities 
  • Rigorous, evidence-based analyses using historical and contemporary data
  • Developing and contributing to knowledge-based communities of practice 

Through working closely with our colleagues and partners in the National Teacher Research Network (NTRN), we also advance teacher interests by delivering seminars and conferences that are particularly relevant to our Members. Learn more about our upcoming events.


Year Document Author
2019Teacher dropout in Canada: a literature review
Full article
Dalley, Phyllis  Gani, Raphaël  Lebel, Josée
2017Behind de Scenes: Analysis and Summary of Survey on Relations Between French-Language Schools in Minority Settings and Professional French-Language Theatre Companies
Full article
Matteau, Michèle
2015Je… Euh… Je… Linguistic Insecurity in Canada’s Francophone Communities
Full article
Cormier, Yves
2013Francization in a Context of Linguistic Revitalization
Full article
Cormier, Marianne
2013Cultural Development – A National Profile, Findings and Courses of Action
Full article
Charest, Judith
2012Cultural Diversity in French Language Schools
Full article
Matteau, Michèle and Boudreau, Ronald
2012Schools and the Connection to Identity among Official Language Minority Youths
Full article
Gérin-Lajoie, Diane
2010Francisation in Full Bloom
Full article
Vincent, Liliane
2010Community-School Partnerships: In Support of Learning and French-Language Minority Communities
Full article
Chiasson, Maurice
2009Giftedness in Canada’s Minority Francophone Communities
Full article
Bajard, Thora
2008ICTs in minority French-language schools
Full article
Manzerolle, Bernard
2008Living Together in French Language Schools
Full article
Emond, Geneviève
2008Our Teenagers: Who are they?
Full article
Matteau, Michèle