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Project Overseas

Teachers learn best from other teachers.

Since 1962, Canadian teachers have collaborated with colleagues in developing countries through the CTF/FCE’s Project Overseas (PO) to improve teaching and learning, and to promote equitable, high quality, publicly funded education for all.

PO is a joint endeavour of the CTF/FCE, its provincial and territorial Member Organizations, and partner organizations in developing countries to co-plan and co-deliver professional development workshops for local teachers. 

Interested in participating as a Canadian team member?

Projects take place during the month of July. In order to be considered, candidates must apply through their provincial or territorial teachers’ organization and meet the following basic criteria:

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Hold a valid Canadian passport
  • Be a member of a provincial or territorial CTF/FCE Member Organization
  • Hold a valid teacher’s certificate
  • Have completed at least five years of teaching in Canada
  • Be in excellent health and able to work in developing country conditions
  • Show evidence of flexibility, mature judgement
  • Be willing to put the team and project needs above personal needs

Important to note

PO is a volunteer experience. While all administrative, travel, and living expenses are covered by the CTF/FCE and its Member Organizations, no salaries or honoraria are paid to PO participants. Due to the nature of the work, family or friends are not permitted to accompany the PO participants during pre-departure orientation or overseas programs.

How to apply

If you are interested in participating in PO, please submit an application through your provincial or territorial Member Organization.

Due dates for applications are set by the Member Organizations, and vary between late October and early December.

Questions and contact

Have questions? Review the frequently asked questions or contact your Member Organization.