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International Development Cooperation

Education is the foundation for all development – political, economic, social – at the individual, community, national, and international levels. International development cooperation in education is about improving the lives of people. 

Supported by our Member Organizations, the CTF/FCE development cooperation work has promoted high quality inclusive publicly funded public education worldwide by:

Principles guiding our work

  • All children have the right to a high quality publicly funded education;
  • All teachers have the right to belong to strong teacher organizations and unions;
  • Gender equity and the empowerment of girls and women in education and in society in general are the most effective drivers of development;
  • Effective development cooperation involves collaboration to address partner needs and goals.

As a member of Education International (EI), the CTF/FCE contributes to the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our development cooperation work. Striving particularly towards SDG #4 (Quality Education) and SDG #5 (Gender Equality), we continue to engage teachers, both in Canada and abroad, to achieve quality education for all.