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Canadian Teachers’ Federation Board Tackles Teacher Retention and Recruitment Crisis

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Ottawa, November 21, 2023 – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) Board of Directors is set to convene in Ottawa on November 21 and 22, urgently tackling the nationwide challenge looming over public education: the teacher retention and recruitment crisis. This critical meeting is poised to address the need for immediate, collective actions to combat the challenges faced by education personnel across the nation.

Poor working conditions lie at the heart of the crisis. Untenable classroom sizes and complexity have only increased. Students with special needs lack adequate support and resources. Psychological and physical violence is statistically on the rise. Other complex factors have contributed to this crisis, including fluctuations in student populations, and declining enrollment in education faculties. Regrettably, 100% of the CTF/FCE’s Member and Associate Organizations have indicated that unqualified teachers are holding positions in schools from coast to coast to coast.

Heidi Yetman, President of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, underscores the gravity of the situation: “There is no shortage of teachers, but rather a shortage of decent working conditions. Canada has reached a critical juncture, and it is imperative that provincial and territorial governments invest in public education. Collaboration with union counterparts is crucial in finding solutions. Only through working together can we ensure that every child has a qualified teacher in their classroom. Quality publicly funded education is indispensable for a healthy and prosperous society.”

About the CTF/FCE

Founded in 1920, the CTF/FCE is a national alliance of provincial and territorial teachers’ organizations that represent over 365,000 teachers and education workers across Canada. The CTF/FCE is also an affiliate of Education International, which represents more than 32-million educators.

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