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“Enseigner, ça me parle!”

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“Enseigner, ça me parle!”, a campaign to promote the teaching profession in Canada’s French-language schools

Ottawa, October 19, 2020 — The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) is launching “Enseigner, ça me parle!”, a campaign to promote the teaching profession in Canada’s French first language schools in minority settings (which are, of course, outside Québec). This largely digital campaign targets youth ages 15 to 24, and also addresses the entire Canadian French-speaking public. Its objective is to change perceptions of the teaching profession and to inspire pride among teachers. Further, since the shortage of Francophone teachers has never been as acute as it is currently, the CTF/FCE aims to encourage young people to consider teaching as a career choice.

The CTF/FCE has asked the group Improtéine to serve as its ambassador for this important national campaign. This improv group, known for its commitment to serving Canada’s Francophone and Acadian communities, is featured in the digital media and comedic videos we are posting on social media and on the campaign web site, ç As well, eighteen testimonial videos offer a “slice of life” and feature both recent immigrants and young teachers with whom many youth can identify. 

A Difficult Situation 

Canada’s French first language schools (in minority settings) have been plagued by a significant teacher shortage for many years, and this crisis has been exacerbated by the pandemic. The CTF/FCE is deeply concerned by the alarming number of positions that are already vacant at a time when many teachers are eligible for retirement Also, it is important to recall the Francophone education system has a unique dual mandate: in addition to teaching the French language, schools are also responsible for fostering students’ cultural development and Francophone identity. 

“There are a growing number of vacant teaching positions in French-first language schools outside Quebec, and the COVID-19 crisis is only making things worse,” explains CTF/FCE President Shelley L. Morse. “Teaching isn’t just transferring knowledge. It’s also experiencing the satisfaction of helping students flourish at school and supporting the development of their cultural identity. Teachers in Francophone communities are role-models, advocates, and important cultural guides for young people. That’s what ‘Enseigner, ça me parle!’ seeks to remind us of.”

Teaching, an Exceptional Profession 

Despite the difficulties, teachers in French-language schools are continuing to serve the Francophonie creatively and energetically. They are the true pillars of Francophone culture in communities across Canada. Francophone teachers are aware of the impact they have on students and to the vitality of the Francophone community. Their commitment is impressive and they exemplify the cultural diversity of the Francophonie in Canada. 

This campaign has been made possible thanks to funding from Canadian Heritage under the Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023.


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