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Federal commitments to safer schools

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Federal commitments to safer schools: a step in the right direction

Ottawa – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) welcomes the Liberal Party’s campaign promise of additional funds for a safer return to school, with a focus on improving ventilation as the country continues to grapple with COVID-19. 

The announcement, which includes $100 million dedicated to improving the conditions of school facilities in provinces, territories, and an additional $10 million allocated for federally run schools on reservations, reflects what CTF/FCE Member Organizations have been calling for from provincial and territorial governments since the outset of the pandemic. 

“All in all, we welcome the commitments articulated in today’s announcement by the Liberal Party,” says Sam Hammond, President of the CTF/FCE. “What this announcement does show is that Canada can benefit from continued national support for publicly funded public education to help ensure that teaching and learning conditions are of equitable quality everywhere for everyone.” 

However, these figures, although not insignificant, only scratch the surface of what is needed to make schools safer. Hammond stresses that an ongoing, sustainable commitment is required to see that schools are properly maintained long term. 

“If the federal government is going to continue investing to ensure that schools can remain open safely, then perhaps it should have an ongoing role in education.” 

Hammond also stresses that a greater national commitment towards schools on reservations is essential. 

“If we are going to truly respect and honour Truth and Reconciliation and commit to helping improve the lives of Indigenous citizens and their communities, today and tomorrow, then we expect a much greater financial investment in federally run schools.” 

“The Canadian Teachers’ Federation hopes to see other commitments that strengthen publicly funded public education during this federal election. Our children and youth, and to a very large extent, the future of this country, need that continued investment.”

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