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The attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy

| Political action, Social Justice

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) condemns in the strongest terms possible the Russian invasion of Ukraine and war in all its forms.

From coast to coast to coast, we stand in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine. We urge the Canadian Government to work with the international community to seek an immediate ceasefire, and come to a resolution that respects Ukrainian sovereignty, self-determination and international law.

The attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy, which affects us all. Only days ago, Ukrainian citizens were going about their daily routines; today, they are at war. The violence inflicted by Russia is a stark reminder that we cannot take our own democracy and rule of law for granted.

The CTF/FCE continues to work closely with Education International (EI) and its affiliates around the world to provide support and solidarity to its Ukrainian affiliates, the Free Trade Union of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of Ukraine.

Canada’s ties to Ukraine are extensive, reflected in both our history and culture. Our thoughts are with the countless Canadians whose Ukrainian roots run deep.

As a national democratic organization dedicated to quality publicly funded public education, and the voice of more than 365,000 teachers and education workers in Canada, the CTF/FCE advocates public education as a core pillar of democracy.

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