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Budget snapshot is a missed opportunity to further support Canada’s vulnerable families

| Funding and resourcing, Political action, Social Justice

Ottawa – The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) is disappointed that the Economic and Fiscal Snapshot did not provide a plan on how the government intends to continue supporting families, particularly the most vulnerable, during this unprecedented period amid COVID-19. At a time when most students, teachers and parents await a decision on return to school, adequate resourcing of social justice programs and labour rights are central to a strong publicly funded public education system. 

Since the closing of school buildings in March, food security, family violence, and technology and connectivity issues have exposed the digital divide and economic disparities throughout communities. While the Economic and Fiscal Snapshot outlines previous spending, much remains to be done to ensure that the forthcoming school year does not further ostracize those who continue to suffer because the pandemic. 

“We encourage the Federal Government to continue supporting initiatives that aim to help children, youth, and their families hit hardest by the closure of school buildings across the country,” said Shelley L. Morse, President of the CTF/FCE. “Schools are places where vast numbers of students receive their meals every day, and where teachers, support personnel, and counsellors keep a close eye on the most vulnerable. Students depend on these support systems.” 

The CTF/FCE is also disheartened that the Economic and Fiscal Snapshot did not provide any adjustments to the qualifying hours necessary to obtain Employment Insurance, as many supply teachers and education support personnel will continue to depend on government support until the full reopening of school buildings across the country.

We urge the Federal Government to develop a more concrete plan on how they intend to level the economic playing field for Canadians in the next few months, and we look forward to continuing to work with all partners to support teachers, students, and their families.

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