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CTF/FCE Statement on Bills C-212 and C-223

| Political action, Social Justice

In keeping with the spirit of recognizing legislation that improves the lives of students, teachers, and their families, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF/FCE) is supporting two federal bills introduced by private members.

The two Bills, C-212, An Act to develop a national school food program for children, and C-223, An Act to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income, have the potential to make Canada more equitable.

With Bill C-212, introduced by MP Don Davies, the CTF/FCE hopes that the legislation brings forth further steps to implement a national school nutrition program for children across Canada. We know that children learn better when they have the adequate level of nutrition and making that accessible for every child living in Canada is a necessary step to ensuring an equitable learning environment.

MP Leah Gazan’s bill, C-223, reflects the CTF/FCE’s commitment to a Just Recovery. We hope that this piece of legislation leads to the eventual introduction of a guaranteed livable basic income for Canadians. The increasing cost of living must be addressed, so introducing ways to provide financial security for families is applauded by the CTF/FCE.

The federal government has shown leadership recently on improving the lives of Canadians. The CTF/FCE is hopeful that these private members bills serve as further inspiration to the federal government to continue that leadership.

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