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How has a teacher made a positive difference in your life?

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Shining a positive spotlight on teachers

Chantal Lafargue, New Brunswick Teachers’ Association Staff Officer, shares how a media campaign, launched in January 2022 and showcasing testimonials from prominent New Brunswickers, helps to shine a positive spotlight on how teachers have impacted their lives.   

This question is the focal point of a media campaign organized in collaboration by the New Brunswick Teachers’ Federation (NBTF), the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association (NBTA) and l’Association des enseignantes et des enseignants francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick.

Fourteen prominent New Brunswickers stepped forward to share their stories about how exemplary teachers made a difference in their lives. Hailing from all corners of the province, these entrepreneurs, dignitaries, musicians, athletes, executives, authors, leaders, artists, and entertainers from diverse linguistic and cultural communities voice first-hand how teachers shape New Brunswick’s future, one student at a time.

According to Connie Keating, President of the NBTA, “The professional expertise that teachers and school administrators bring to their roles is essential to quality public education. Helping students realize their full potential entails building positive relationships and responding to students’ social, emotional, cultural, and academic needs. The investment that teachers make in our young people is key to New Brunswick’s long-term growth and prosperity.”

Through the stories featured in the campaign, we hope to inspire future teachers, help New Brunswickers celebrate the role teachers play in the development of the province, and remind each other of the difference teachers make in the lives of their students. Although the demands of the teacher role are tremendous, the impact on future generations is even greater. Hopefully, young people feel inspired to enter the teaching profession upon hearing the vignettes and early career teachers who may be considering their options decide to stay.

The media campaign has led Connie to pause and reflect on the teachers who have undoubtedly made a difference in her life. “I am extremely fortunate to have several come to mind. I want to sincerely thank the late Dale Turner for providing me with a learning environment in high school where I felt accepted, challenged, and inspired to make a difference in the world. As a parent, I will also be forever grateful for the efforts of several teacher colleagues who encouraged and supported my boys throughout their educational journey.”

The English and French testimonials aired on various platforms, including television, radio, digital publications, and social media. Videos were featured on the three teacher organizations’ social media channels to provide maximum visibility and engagement with the campaign. To view all the videos and to get a look behind the scenes, visit

Although the campaign just recently concluded, teachers and school administrators, both current and retired, are encouraged to spread the word on social media using the hashtag #ednbdifference. It is hoped that many New Brunswickers will share a story of their own by giving a virtual “shout out” to teachers who made a significant impact on their lives or in the life of someone they know.

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