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Category: Political action

Fight Back to Move Forward: A report from the frontlines of the Broadbent Institute’s Fight Back Campaign

Sometimes the lines in political and ideological fights are blurry; a series of skirmishes viewed by most from the sidelines with mild interest. This is not one of those times.  The gap between those of us who are determined to solve the inequality and climate change threatening all aspects of our lives, and those who […]

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On Education and Democracy

“On Education & Democracy; 25 Lessons from the Teaching Profession is, first and foremost, meant to support classroom teachers; fighting their daily battles, confronting education authorities, governments and engaging with the community. We appeal to their professional ideals, to their ambition to make a difference for their students and the societies in which they grow […]

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Beyond Elections

Federal elections are exciting. The needs and wants of Canadians take centre stage, in the headlines, at dinner tables, and at the watercooler. Party leaders traverse the country to pitch their visions of the future. A frenzied media churns out opinion on daily horserace polling that tracks who’s up, who’s down and who’s out. Then […]

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The Future of Canadian Democracy

Right now, a groundswell of engagement around the election is happening in communities throughout Canada. Canadians are taking their responsibility to vote seriously and dedicating hours to the endeavour. They are engaging in debate and discussion about the future of our country, researching the party platforms, consuming news from different sources, evaluating the leaders, and […]

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Opening access with the Citizenship Project

With a federal election on the horizon, we can expect to hear from some pretty reliable voices. Party leaders making promises, academics weighing in, community residents at town halls, journalists trying to quote them all. But what about people who want to speak up and aren’t sure how—like young adults with disabilities? The Citizenship Project […]

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