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Category: Funding and resourcing

Cassie’s Corner

“The fabric of democracy is always fragile everywhere because it depends on the will of citizens to protect it, and when they become scared, when it becomes dangerous for them to defend it, it can go very quickly.” Margaret Atwood In the early 1990s, when I was preparing to become a teacher, I had many […]

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Ontario teachers are drawing on lessons from the 1990s to deal with a new government intent on cutting back

It was a tumultuous end to 2018 for teachers in Ontario. In June, Ontarians elected a majority Progressive Conservative government under Premier Doug Ford. The new government immediately began implementing changes in the education sector, by repealing the health and physical education curriculum, launching public consultations on curriculum and pedagogy, suspending funding for programs, and […]

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“Violence” in the Classroom

This morning as I was doing the proverbial parent dance of balancing meal preparation, wiping counters, and stuffing backpacks with clothes and books, my eight-year-old son charged at me and slapped me hard on my back. I winced from the pain and shock, because having been preoccupied by the chaos of Monday morning, I hadn’t […]

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Caring in French

The theme of this issue of Perspectives is “Safe and Caring Schools.” There’s no doubt that the concept of safe schools transcends language issues: all students must feel safe at all times. In this respect, French and English schools alike experience the same realities. Yet for French-language schools in minority settings in Canada, caring also […]

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