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Category: Gender equity

Untapped potential: women leaders in education

According to Statistics Canada, 75% of educators in Canada are women – 89% of these work in the elementary panel and 59% work in the secondary panel. But leadership positions in education, from department heads, to principals, to local and provincial union leadership, do not reflect these demographics. For example, of the 16 unions affiliated […]

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Mobilizing Against the Labyrinth

Can we finally drop the whole “Glass Ceiling” thing? I have. Instead of gauging women’s economic progress by how much damage some of our sisters cause to the upper limit of the barrier to gender equity (see “Cracks in the Glass Ceiling”), let’s use a metaphor more accurate than one that conjures the image of […]

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Moving beyond the tap on the shoulder: new online resource aims to empower women in leadership of their teacher organizations

Back in high school when I ran for a seat on the students’ council, a group of young women showed up at my doorstep one evening to help me with crafting catchy slogans and jazzy campaign posters.  I remember thinking “Wow!” because I had not even asked for their help!  Their unexpected support boosted my […]

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