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How do you want your child’s education – personalized or standardized?
How having the conversation changes the conversation

In July 2017, over 100 teachers, union leaders, and others interested in publicly funded public education gathered together at the Canadian Forum on Public Education, an annual event of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) aimed at increasing the breadth, depth, and reach of dialogue about teaching and learning in order to inform and contribute to continuous systemic improvements so that all children and youth have access to quality publicly funded public education.

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“Made in Canada” education privatization

Edu-business is a term used to describe the multi-trillion dollar education market. According to Edudemic, a pro-tech in education website, the industry is “not only huge; it’s undergoing more changes recently than it has at possibly at any other point in history. Startups are sprouting to fill in gaps and create new technologies to service this increasingly lucrative field.”

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