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Category: Unionization

On Education and Democracy

“On Education & Democracy; 25 Lessons from the Teaching Profession is, first and foremost, meant to support classroom teachers; fighting their daily battles, confronting education authorities, governments and engaging with the community. We appeal to their professional ideals, to their ambition to make a difference for their students and the societies in which they grow […]

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Moving beyond the tap on the shoulder: new online resource aims to empower women in leadership of their teacher organizations

Back in high school when I ran for a seat on the students’ council, a group of young women showed up at my doorstep one evening to help me with crafting catchy slogans and jazzy campaign posters.  I remember thinking “Wow!” because I had not even asked for their help!  Their unexpected support boosted my […]

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The Secret Teachers’ Organization in Poland

Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, stated on May 15, 1940, that “for the non-German population of the East, there should not be any schools at a higher level than four-year elementary school. The goal of such a school should be only simple counting, at most to 500, writing one’s name, teaching that obedience […]

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