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RCMP’s National Youth Services offers services and resources to schools

| Educational resources

Youth is one of the RCMP’s national strategic priorities.  The RCMP’s National Youth Services is responsible for delivering the RCMP’s National Youth Strategy. The Strategy aims to provide educational and awareness tools and resources for youth, police officers, educators and government officials, as well as for others who work with youth.

National Youth Services hosts the Centre for Youth Crime Prevention (CYCP) website. The CYCP is an online hub for materials on youth crime and victimization prevention. One can find fact sheets, lesson plans, self-assessments and videos on relevant topics targeting youth of various ages.  Some topics of focus include bullying and cyberbullying, sexual consent, impaired and distracted driving and drugs and alcohol.

Here are a series of RCMP youth programs and initiatives offered by National Youth Services:

  • A quarterly Youth Trends Report that highlights current trends within youth culture;
  • An annual National Youth Advisory Committee for youth aged 13 to 21, where youth discuss emerging crime and victimization topics in a closed and secure online group;
  • An annual Youth Leadership Workshop hosted by the RCMP, at the RCMP Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan which aims to foster leadership skills for selected participants to combat youth crime and victimization issues within their home communities; and,
  • The RCMPTalks series, which is a videoconference session that connects classrooms across the country on a selected youth crime and victimization topic.

To request these free materials in print or electronical versions, to inquire about your school or classroom’s participation in any of our activities, or to sign up to our distribution lists, please contact: [email protected].

(Louis Zuniga is the Manager, National Youth Services in the National Crime Prevention Services of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)